Antique Bottles & 'OLD STUFF' from Vancouver Island .. B.C. and Beyond
Antique B.C. & Vancouver Island Bottles

  If you are surfing the web and researching B.C. Bottles, Ginger Beers and Stoneware......or anything else from B.C. and have something you wish to know more about .
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Send good pictures, write down the size, any defects and any history of the piece as you know it...............
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B.C. Bottles and things I once had or wish to have!

  This is photo of a rare B.C. Soda bottle from H Hogan New Westminster, an American style soda. I would happily top any offer you have if this is your bottle! Shop it around and Call Me Last.

 The one pictured below actually appeared at a show in New Westminster some years ago, it was being shopped around by the owner, he wasn't happy with the offers and left the venue with it.............

It hasn't been seen since.

In 1973 I sold a Victoria Phoenix Brewing Co rectangular wood grained serving tray, the center decoration of this tray was a small boy in Chinese or Japanese garb.
I have heard since that this tray is now in  Toronto Ontario breweryana collection...........

An old time collector in the Cowichan Valley has been teasing me with what he says is a Nanaimo Debossed Advertising Beehive jug..................

He has never shown it to anyone..............does it exist?

We now go to the display area...............

  The blacking container was dug in Esquimalt B.C.  The lettering is exact to the Victoria Stoneware beers.

The Victoria Brewery B.C. in cartouche also comes in a VI version.
A few Vancouver Island Syphons ....( and a three City Thorpe's).....and an Ontario Beer from Neustadt


   The Country Club, Old English and the Chris Morley syphons have been sold.........

Below is the Louis Lawrence Marble Bottle.....
a little worse for wear and tear but it took me about 30 years to dig this one!

Here's some of the stuff we find around here if you dig deep enough........or get lucky.
Above is the Red Diamond....I dug this one in the early 1990's in Duncan B.C.

Below is the Much Loved Phoenix Variant, also dug by me.....same spot as the Red Diamond

*DIRECTLY ABOVE*          On the left is a factory 'Wet Mint' Phoenix Beer example, on the right is a Gorge Bottle.

  Above is an early W H Keith from San
Francisco, the base was removed to make a was dug in Old Town Victoria B.C. - Lower Pandora

Below are the Internal Thread Mitchell Bottles from Nanaimo,

This is the most recent example of the John Mitchell soda that I ran into - Blue/aqua....which is a great colour for this piece.

Next is a really nice San Francisco Whiskey Bottle, it has an Ice Pick chip on the lip......but what a Color!!!!

 An unusual B.C. Advertising Jug, made in Ontario circa 1896-1906

This company also used embossed glass jars

Next are a few Vancouver Island Milk Bottles

The Willow Dairy Parksville Quart and the Evans Quart from Duncan came in this carrier.

This next Quart Milk is a Palm Dairy I haven't seen before

 The Palm Dairy Quart shown above has been SOLD.

And a Shepherd Quart from Vancouver Island

Now is one of the few colored B.C. Soda Pop Bottles
This one is the Brighton Seltzer by Thorpe's from Vancouver
Made in England of course!

  Next I'll attempt to get the Phillips Series listed.
A quart A Phillips & Son / Victoria V.I., (for many years this was the only one known, another was recently found by a diver in Victoria B.C.)  this was found in the early 1970's in a 1930's dump!


   The pottery two-tone was dug on Lower Pandora St in Victoria


   Mr. Phillips also reused bottles produced for other concerns. He scratched 'AP' into the pieces
and the odd wheel engraved piece shows up..the hutch below left was brought up from Brotchie Ledge in early dump site off-shore near Victoria.

   The Bay City Soda below was dug in Victoria in the early 1980's. 30 feet down behind the
Empress Hotel. AP scratched on the side.

These are some more AP scratch bottles       



   The cracked early ale has an AP scratch, it was found in an Antique shop in Sorrento B.C.


This is a slightly rarer version of the Hudson's Bay Co bottle, most are quart cylinders in clear and now and then found in amethyst.

  A Trio of Vancouver Island Hutchinson Closure bottles:

  J Piket / Halfway House / Cumberland B.C. ( A Saloon and allegedly also a Whorehouse!)

  Louis Lawrence / Nanaimo B.C.

  Adams & Lawrence / Nanaimo B.C.

This is the Greenwood & Morley Set from Victoria, another very early concern.

The very early Shotbolt Lemonade & G.H. & Co
mid 1870's.


And then...............The Genuine Langley's Sarsaparilla Victoria V.I., the clear (and glued) example is a one off, thanks to Mr. Coleman for this example. I had an aqua one that was in 5 pieces that I dug at Doublehead Ravine on the E&N Ry in the early 1990's but it has since been lost in the shuffle.......

You may Have Noticed a Theme Here..........I collect Everything Marked as V.I. or of Colonial Vintage...................Glass, Photographica, Ephemera or Postal

B.C.'s two earliest Medicines..........The Searby & Moore V.I. and Langleys V.I.............and two of the same bottles dug at a Gold Rush site on Pandora St. in downtown Victoria B.C.......unembossed of course!

    The Balsam of Aniseed in cobalt.

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