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Aung San Suu Kyi Burma

  This woman worked for a Free and Democratic government in Burma for years.
 She was made an honorary Canadian Citizen in 2007.

 She won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1991..........

 The Military Government kept her under house arrest for 15 of 21 years, and when her party won the 2015 election the junta made a place for her in the government...

 Since then.............she has done NOTHING, the Rohingya Muslims are being raped, murdered, and run out of the country by the Military. She has stood for freedom and fairness for years but now,  in a place of power, where her voice will be heard, she has caved.

 Here's what she should do - Return the Nobel Prize,  wear black in permanent mourning for her country, and hang her head in shame every time she appears in public.

 And return her honorary citizenship.

 Have a listen to her recent interviews, the bullshit spewing from her mouth sounds like Trump is in there.


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