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Early SS Cap Badge

 I don't condone the Nazi Ideology or what that bunch did......I just collect some of the things they used....it started with a relative giving me a dagger when I was a kid......

 This early cap badge was used by the SS until they got their own full jawed version in 1935.

 They come with two types of prongs...serrated and non-serrated.


 BACKGROUND: Skull was originally worn by the Prussian Leib-Husaren-Regimenter 1 and 2. (Life Hussar's Rgt.'s) The insignia was bestowed on the 1ST and 2ND Troopers of the 5TH Cavalry Rgt. as a traditions insignia of the Life Hussars. In 1938 this honor was bestowed on the 1ST Battalion, the Trumpet Corps and the Regimental Staff. The regiment was disbanded in 1939. In 1944 the Cavalry Rgt. North was renamed the 5th Cavalry Rgt. and continued the tradition of wearing this insignia. Note, there is also photographic evidence of these skull be worn on SS visor caps, including a very well know image of Himmler wearing one. (This description thanks to germanmilitaria.com)

 This example was found the basement dirt crawlspace of a wartime barracks that was being demolished in 2005 outside Berlin.  The government was notified and they swept in and confiscated most of the badges found...except the ones the workers had in their lunchboxes. The event was actually published in the Berlin papers of the day.

 I got some of them directly from one of the aforementioned workers.....he still hasn't told me how many he got out.......

 Below are examples of this type being used on original period caps. These ones below are the larger hollow eye type....



  And this is the non-serrated prong type.


  While I'm here, I might as well put up a photo of a ground dug Cap Eagle.


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