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German Pilot Watch

 These watches are Big, the strap is meant to go around the sleeve of the flyers jacket.

 Lange & Sohne B-uhr Pilot/Navigator watch.

 I had the misfortune to have a very nice example of this watch in my hands about 3 years back.
 I say that because, a guy phoned me to look at the artifacts his father had brought back from WW2. His father had recently passed and he and his brother had no idea what this stuff was worth..............they needed some help so they didn't get robbed and It was suggested at a local Antique store that I was the guy to help them out.

 He had an SS dagger with vertical hanger, a Heer dagger that he and his brother had polished up and basically ruined..an HJ dagger that looked like it was stored in a salt water tackle box since the war....
and one of these watches.

 I didn't know enough at the time, and he gave me no time to do any research, on the spot I offered too much for the SS dagger, about 2/3 what the watch was worth (the two pieces about evened out $$$wise overall between the two prices), and was told he would talk to his brother and get back to me.

 Always a bad sign.....unless the seller has some integrity.....they get talked out of the items by the next guy they contact, and for about $5.00 more than I offered.

 In this instance it happened once again....about three weeks later, instead of telling me he had a better offer, (I feel I should have had first and final refusal as he came to me first and got a free appraisal), he should have allowed me to up the ante......he left a message on my machine saying he had sold to 'another' guy.

 By then, I knew better and would definitely have offered more...............but he didn't care about being fair I guess...just saw the $$$$$$.

 Not only did I get beat out of the watch and dagger.....he didn't even pay me for the appraisal!

 I would like one of these for my collection..........

 The first one below with orange hands was the type I missed.


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