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Greenwood & Morley Soda

 Here's the 3 versions of this early Victoria B.C. Soda Company bottle. Mr Greenwood and Mr. Morley were a partnership from 1874 till 1881..........in 1881 Mr Greenwood was deleted from the company name and Morley continued on his own.

 The paint on the embossing was applied in the 1970's...and was done to highlight the embossing for display.

 These bottles are most often found in the ocean, open ground digging sites are now rarely encountered by collectors. When a building comes up for a renovation or a site is leveled for development .....the owners or developers think collectors are on the site to steal stuff from them...they fence it, put up cameras, motion sensors and pay crazy amounts for 24hr security....they would rather bury the history of a site than help preserve it...in fact collectors are the only reason most of the post-colonial 3D items in collections and museums exist at all! If they had their way the whole south Vancouver Island would be condos and pavement with the odd parking lot thrown in to make a few more $$$$$$$$.

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