B.C. & Vancouver Island - Bottles, Antiques & Collectables
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 Any Search Engine EXCEPT Google will bring you to the actual working site. 

   If you googled it...go directly to the Home Page to get the corrected site.

 If you feel you may have something I might be interested in :

  Please contact me at - oldstuff@uniserve.com

  I've been collecting (plus buying/selling) and scouting antiques and collectables here on Vancouver Island since the mid 1970's, I am always looking for Western Canadian ( I feel that is Northern Ontario to Tofino) , British Columbia (B.C.) & Vancouver Island material.

 I do indeed sell the odd piece but only to finance a new addition to the collection.

 I actively collect many types of items, I am also an
Accredited Personal Property Appraiser...and get asked constantly about the value of items. Have a look at the website - CPPAG - Canadian Personal Property Appraisers Group.

 I really have no problem helping people with their questions of value on the odd item in their home, after all, I learned from people that were generous enough to help me. 

 If you have questions on your antiques or a small batch of bottles...ask away....I'd be happy to help.


  I will always purchase multiple items or single pieces if they amuse me, pay cash, e-transfer or paypal, and pay all packing and shipping costs.

 I will make a good offer on anything you have that fits into my collecting sphere, in turn, since you got in touch with ME, I'd like an actual shot at acquiring these things...Thanks!

   If your item is not for sale, just say so up front. I can live with that, and still be helpful. But, occasionally...I price everything and then the next guy they contact buys the collection for a few dollars more than my original offer.
 After contacting me about an item, at least give me a chance to make the final offer. Since I gave you the ballpark price to start with!
 Thanking you in advance.....

  As stated above, I have been collecting for many.....many...many years.....so if you have any questions about an item you own or wish to sell...ask away.

 Need a bit of guidance when clearing an estate.....ask away.

 Need to find an item or a part to complete a project....just ask....I have connections in all aspects of the collecting field...from Bottles and Stoneware to Bottle Caps, Postal History, Photographica, Militaria and Antique Motorcycles.....

 If in Doubt...Throw Nothing Out. ASK ME FIRST!

 This is the kind of room I'd be happy to look through....



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