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Ladysmith Miner Strike

 I have been collecting these images for about 20 years....they are scarce, If you have one not shown, I would love to see it!

 A long sad story of Miners striking for their rights at Extension, Ladysmith and Cumberland, opposed by Dunsmuir and Co. aided by The 72nd Seaforth Highlanders, Duke of Connaught's Own, (B.C. Regiment), and sneaky Pinkerton operatives from Seattle.

  The first cards shown will be the 72nd showing force in L
adysmith and a few of them fooling about in Oyster Harbour with Indian dugout canoes....

 I own these...add a new one very rarely now.....I own the images, thus the 'no copy' overlay.

  I have two slightly different views of these cards below.

 The commander of the Military Force

  Notice the unit logos painted on the front of barrack building on the second image below? Sentry box, artillery? They were really trying to prove who's boss here......the original look of the building before the strike is the image directly below.

This next one looks to be the 72nd marching arrested miners up the street.


This next pair look to be a 'Special Constable' id'd on the back as Mr. Callahan.


  These next images are damaged buildings...

 Below are two exposures of the same negative.

Below are two different exposures of the same negative.

Two different exposures below.

This is a beauty.......notes on the back state -
Ruins of residence of Mine Manager Cunningham, looted August 13/1913
and burned August 15/1913.

This card states on back - Victory Parade after Miners Strike Ladysmith B.C. 1913.


 This is my favorite card of the series.

  There was also a bunch of the Duke of Connaught's Own Rifles, 6th B.C. Regiment in Nanaimo to act as strike breakers. They called themselves the Nanaimo Civil Aid Force..........




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