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Lion Brewery Victoria BC

  Found in the same lot as the Labelled Phoenix Brewery (on another page of this website).

 The previous owner was left these 40 years ago by his father.....

 He decided to shop them around to some collectors and I offered the most...it's that easy in this day of digital cameras and email !



 I have a re-cycled Qt. bottle which was Labelled and topped off with
a Lion Brewery embossed Lightning Stopper.

 A Lion Brewery Letterhead, acquired from the archive of Bill P.


 A realphoto postcard of Mr. C.N Gowen's Grocery Delivery Wagon.
The postal cancel on the back is dated Dec. 14 /07...so it looks as if once his Lion Brewery shut down he went into the grocery business...his family had been brewers since 1868 (Phoenix Brewery) so I'm sure he had plenty of loyal customers.
The telephone number is 1..........
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