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Louis Lawrence Nanaimo

 An early Nanaimo concern...........Mr. Louis Lawrence was originally partnered with the Adams brothers from 1889 till 1891....so from 1891 till 1903 he was producing in Nanaimo on his own.

 There are records of him as the owner of the Eureka Soda Water Works in Courtenay B.C. from 1900 till 1904...the same time J.H.Piket was producing from the Halfway House in Cumberland as the owner of the Eureka Soda Water Works! Seems to me Mr Piket was married to Louis Lawrence's daughter or something like that.

 Either way....the Red Turnmold scratch bottle below was dug in Cumberland by the legendary digger - Mrs. Pat Talbot......I got the bottle directly from her...


  The scratched letters stand for - Eureka Soda Works / Lawrence.

  This is the elusive Louis Lawrence Marble bottle............dug in 2007 in Cedar B.C. at an old homestead, many thanks for the tip (and help) on that site to Tom T.


 I'm sure it would clean up with a tumble but I'm leaving it alone......
I got rid of my first collection of B.C. sodas a long time ago....there's only so much you can do to make 76 aqua pops on shelves look good!

 Below are the Halfway House owned by Piket ( rumoured to have also housed a whorehouse in the back of the building), the Louis Lawrence Hutchinson closure and the Adams & Lawrence Hutchinson.

 Many thanks to Mark in Courtenay for the lead and being the middleman on the purchase of this rare Piket.

 I don't have the Lawrence Pottery soda.....I sold a broken and repaired one a while back....and have been told one retired digger south of here has 4 - broken cleanly around the middle from being in a drainage ditch and being run over.

 This is a recently acquired Lawrence inside thread soda bottle.


  The latest addition,

An Adams and Lawrence Eureka Soda Works syphon bottle, it's cracked multiple times and they look to radiate from an injury suffered during the tightening of the replacement top - a Rummings marked piece.


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