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Pandora Dig Victoria

 This is what digging in Victoria in the rainy season looks like.....
Bill B , Wayne W and myself would drive down, get soaked for hours on end, change into warm dry clothes in the parking lot at the end of Herald St.......and drive home.

These photos were taken Dec. 27/28/29 2007.

It was a difficult and cold wet dig, but the hope of treasure was strong!


 These next three shots are my hole, I dug down through 4 to 5 feet of smashed brick and dirt before hitting a pre-existing wooden floor, the floor was likely the basement of a gold rush era building which was covered over after the fire in that area.....before the existing building we were digging in had been erected.
I never did get though the floor, I had to wing dam a section, and bucket the water from my hole into the dammed section, dig a small bit, and then it was bucketing time again!


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