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Vancouver Calendar 1900

  Great piece...a friend was driving down a backroad in the Southern Cowichan Valley, through an area of Century Farms....and noticed a bunch of people around a barn he had been keeping an eye on for years.
He pulled up, wandered in and found the entire greedy extended family cleaning out the loft. It was a free for all and each faction was grabbing stuff...dragging it to 'their' spot in the field..sorting the items and BURNING what they didn't want!
Individual burn piles......
He got a 1907 Maynards calendar..a British Columbia SPCA calendar from 1903, an 1897 Dicks Boot Store calendar from Victoria and this one, plus a box of tin toys....most of the  rest was claimed or destroyed by the time he got on the site.....

Yes.....I know all this because I own all the Calendars now!

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