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Victoria Brewing B.C.

  I'll put Victoria Brewing / Brewery photos and text onto this page as I get the time.

  They were in business for many years....and used a lot of different stoneware containers and glass bottles.....plus a bunch of 'scratches' - their VB initials put scratched onto stoneware bottles....

  The photos below were taken at a dig I did in the early 1990's...I wish I had taken more photos and kept a bunch of these unembossed bottles....a lot of them had partial and full Victoria/Phoenix Brewing labels on them....including the champagne bottles.........and the whiskeys!

I dug two Victoria Phoenix Qt. variants with back labels.....three Red Diamond Victoria Brewing Qt. bottles with labels on the back, two Victoria Brewing Green Diamond Qt.s with labels and a Green Diamond pint..no label.

These four were found in the early 1970's, all together, in the mud in the Gorge at Victoria B.C.
The owner kept them in a basement window till selling them to me in 2015......
I sold one, one got stolen from my mall space in Chemainus......the remaining two could use a tumble...

 This next one is the Quart cork closure, an ocean found example.


 And the Crown Cap closure in Green and off Clear


 The Victoria Brewing Green Diamond pints are rare enough that I kept the first shard I ever dug..in 1975! The piece on the right, it was dug in old Duncan beside the driveway of a Victorian home on Trunk Rd.....the home was complete with a Turret and was torn down about 1980.....

 On the rarity scale I'd rate them right up there.....I have found 1 good one and 2 broken examples....as opposed to at least 5 Red Diamond quarts....6 Green Diamond quarts.

  These green diamond pints are so rare they were repaired when found......this one came from the G. Morgan collection...and was repaired by a somewhat talented carpenter!


 I got talked out of the minty (complete with neck foil) GD pint I dug in the early 1990's...and it took me till last year (2016) to replace it....


 The Green Diamond Qt is next

 And the Red Diamond Qt. with remaining label.

  And another one....to be tumbled eventually.


  I'll do the Phoenix Brewery Qt. bottles next, starting with my first one....


 This is the earlier version of the  Phoenix Brewery - Baltimore Loop and the Corker.


  Then there is the Phoenix 'Variant'....as far as I'm concerned the prettiest B.C. Bottle


  This is an early VB scratch on an English Stoneware Ale bottle.....the initials were outlined years before I acquired it. This is the Victoria Brewery set.


 This shattered and glued example was dug in the late 1960's (he thinks it was 1968) on Lower Fort St.....the piece was in storage for over 40 years, my thanks to Larry L for saving it! He taped the pieces together....I glued it back together hours ago and had not taken the tape residue off yet when this photo was taken.


  And here it is cleaned up -

  Now the Victoria Brewery in Cartouche- Sloping shoulder and the Sharp shoulder

  And the VI version, this has had the top repaired...


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