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Victoria Scratch Bottles

   Some Early Soda Producers in Victoria ran out of their own bottles....so they got kids to round up empties and then scratched their initials into them.....it took many months to get a bottle order over to England....and then many more for them to be made and shipped back here to Vancouver island.

  Here's an interesting batch of bottles. The fellow got them in the early 1970's......west of Victoria B.C. while looking for a lost archery arrow.......seems most were broken but he picked these interesting ones up, took them home...and cleaned them in mid November of 2014 so I could look at them!

 The four American Sodas shown below are identical except the top lip finish, all have identical blotted out embossing and certainly came here to the North Coast in the same shipment......
Two have a scratched 'S' on them, the third has two 'S's, one on each side.

 The forth has something scratched but I can't tell what it is.



 A J.C.Parker & Son NY AP Scratch

Damaged but I really don't care...great colour and nice Early B.C. History.


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